Exhibitor Conditions

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Exhibitor Conditions applying to the KAPUNDA FARM 4×4 OUTDOOR EXPO 2020

“Expo” herein refers to “Kapunda Farm 4×4 Outdoor Expo”

1. Site applications and payment in full must be received by the Organisers, no later than 17th March 2020. No refund if cancelled after 20th March 2020.
A deposit of $110 is required to secure a site. Until deposits are paid, requested site locations may be allocated to other exhibitors. By applying for a site and paying the required fees, the requested site location will be confirmed, and the exhibitors agree to be bound by the Conditions listed below.

2. All exhibitors shall be responsible for public liability insurance on their sites. A Certificate of Currency, with a minimum cover of $10 million Public Liability (current Insurance Industry standard minimum) must be produced when required. Without current insurance, exhibitors may be required to vacate their site.

3. The use of amplifiers and loud speakers is strictly prohibited unless otherwise arranged with the committee.

4. The Expo Committee shall have the power to enter any area on which the event is being conducted at any time and remove any articles, signs, pictures, or printed matter which in their opinion may be a cause of offence to the public, other exhibitors, the Expo officials or committee, or which the Expo committee deems inappropriate.

5. Exhibitors are responsible for the condition of the area allotted to them during the duration of the Expo and upon the completion of the event; exhibitors shall clean such area to the satisfaction of the Expo committee. Non compliance shall incur a minimum fee of $100.

6. The Expo Organiser shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the exhibitors’ property whilst on the said area.

7. Exhibitors shall conform to the requirements of any act of Parliament or Council regulations which may govern the erection of structures, the display and/or other products of goods of the exhibitors, and the regulation by-laws and ordinances made under such an Act.

8. In the event that it should be found necessary or expedient to cancel or postpone the Kapunda Farm 4×4 Outdoor Expo, a notice of such cancellation or postponement will be published at the earliest practicable time subsequent upon such cancellation or postponement and the Expo shall not be liable to any exhibitor for any compensation whether on the grounds of loss of profits or otherwise in respect of such cancellation or postponement and the exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund or payment of any money paid by the exhibitor in relation to the said Expo.

9. No exhibitor shall conduct any competition, lottery or game without prior written consent from the Expo Committee, and shall abide by any Government regulations pertaining to such competition, lottery or game.

10. The Expo committee reserves the right to refuse any entry of any exhibitor or to allot space to any exhibitor if in the opinion of the committee, there is any infringement on any of the foregoing conditions, and/or if the exhibitor does not occupy the space at the commencement of and during the full period of the said Expo, or is deemed to be inappropriate.

11. If the Expo committee refuses any entrant or to allot any space to any exhibitor or having allotted any space to any exhibitor refuses to permit the exhibitor to occupy that space the committee shall not be liable to pay the exhibitor for any compensation on the ground of loss of profits or otherwise in respect of such cancellation or suspension of the said space.

12. The aerial dropping of leaflets over the Expo is prohibited.

13. No firearms, fireworks of any type, or explosive devices are permitted on the Expo grounds at any time.

14. The Expo Organiser and/or the land-holder on whose property the event is being held, reserve the right to amend operating conditions as specified at any time and to regulate the use of machinery on static display sites, which in their opinion produces excessive noise or visual pollution.

15. Exhibitors are NOT to remove their exhibits from the Farm Fair before 5.00 pm, Saturday 28th March 2020 without prior approval.

16. Exhibitors must, before digging any holes or driving any objects into the ground, ensure that there are no underground power cables or water pipes which could be damaged or cause injury to the exhibitors, their staff or the public. All damages caused by exhibitors or their staff will be repaired at exhibitor’s expense.

17. Except with the written consent of the Expo committee, exhibitors shall not assign or sublet or part with the possession of the whole or any part of the space allotted to it or purport to do so.

18. New equipment only may be displayed for sale. Used equipment of the current model may be brought onto the site/ground only for use in comparative demonstrations.

19. Livestock permitted on site area only by arrangement with the Expo Organiser. Adequate shelter, feed, and water must be provided by the exhibitor.

20. Exhibitors may provide the Expo committee with written two minute announcements for PA system announcements on the grounds.

21. Admission Tickets
To enable exhibitors to admit prospective clients to the Farm Fair, general admission tickets can be purchased, at a discount, from the Expo Organiser. These tickets will be valid for one day only. To obtain these tickets, please complete the section of this prospectus.

The Expo Organiser will be promoting the two day event in major rural magazines and newspapers, local papers, radio, and via posters, signs, etc, and will print 10,000 official programs which will provide exhibitors with an ideal advertising opportunity.

23. Catering
A full range of commercial food and beverage will be available. In addition some catering outlets will be run by various local community groups.

24. Displays
All displays must be in place by 8.30 am on Friday 27th March 2020, and MUST NOT be removed before 5.00 pm on Saturday 28th March 2020.
Exhibitors’ gate opens 7.00 am both days. Indoor exhibitors arrange displays Thursday 7.00 am – 6.00 pm.

25. Exhibitors Passes
Exhibitor’s passes may be purchased by completing the exhibitor’s passes section of this prospectus or by personally contacting the organisers.

26. Fire Danger and Safety
Exhibitors demonstrating angle grinders, chain saws, cut off machines or other machinery are warned of the danger of flying particles causing fire, eye damage or other injury.
Protective shields must be worn and the public protected, when these machines are demonstrated. Open fires are not permitted on site. Exhibitors are to adhere to applicable Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

27. NO Dogs Allowed on Site (except Guide and Hearing Dogs)

28. Surveillance
The Expo will provide surveillance but shall not be held liable for loss or damage to the exhibitor’s property whilst on the Expo site.
Surveillance services will not be maintained beyond 6pm Sunday 29th March 2020.

Exhibitors Note: Exhibitors will NOT be permitted to stay OVERNIGHT ON SITE

Kapunda Farm 4×4 Outdoor Expo 2020 – Call Bill Adams 0408 811 840 – Email bill.adams@kf4x4oe.com
Post: PO Box 555 Kapunda SA 5373